“Approaching Barulho I was reminded how different a restaurant is in person. You can read all the press releases and media previews you like but you don’t actually feel what a restaurant is about until you open the front door — maybe a little earlier than that with Barulho, because from 50 metres away you can already see lights strung romantically over a chatty courtyard, and big glass windows revealing a small two-storey dining room built around an open kitchen.”

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“It has come to our attention that a certain Faraday Street establishment, Barulho, is producing what might just be the best tapas offering in town. Ever since it opened in May, we’ve known the brainchild of Sarah Ginella and Nico Mendez to be nailing their version of a Euro-Latino neighbourhood bar — so our realisation should come as no surprise.”



“Barulho — a Portuguese word, pronounced “barule-yo” and meaning noise that often has connotations with parties and celebration. The first time I went to Barulho it was a warm autumn Friday night. The trademark, long, brass-covered table extended out on to the street, the nearby trees were strung with lights, the place was bustling, with chef/owner Sarah Ginella turning out delicious tapas and entrees and co-owner, chef Nico Mendez, on the street, tending a huge seafood paella.”